Anatomy learning like other forms of successful learning begins with love.

Think about a person who loves computers and technology. She can describe every detail of her ipad down the thickness of it. She can hold conversations about various models, various aps and why ipad is so much better than a pc for example.

How about a guy loves vintage cars? They know exactly when power steering was installed on corvette and that only 12% of cars had it.

Ask the same lady where her patella is and the same guy why he is having low back pain and they are baffled. Don’t even bother asking about the location of diaphragm.

They have learned the anatomy of an ipad and a car but not anatomy of a human body.

You too love something and know a lot about it. For you to continue doing what you love and learn more about what you value, at least a basic knowledge of human anatomy is essential.

If you are working out or planning to begin a fitness program, your enjoyment of the process and your success depends on your knowledge of the basics. One of these basics is human anatomy.

If you love anatomy, you’ll find ways to learn it. If not, find easy ways to learn the parts of anatomy that applies to you.  Pain and performance are two good starting points.

If you have pain in any part of your body, get some flash cards of the area and learn about it. If you want to improve your performance in a sport you love, let say golf, learn about the intricate connections of nerves, blood vessels, , muscles, tendons,  ligaments and bones that control the swings.

Your appreciation for anatomy increases with your learning as does your performance. You may even stumble on how your anatomy impacts your health. For example, how placement of your head over your shoulder and the nerve signals that control your body from your neck down.

With increased knowledge of your body, comes increased awareness of how it works. You begin to distinguish between various types of pain in your body and take steps to treat them and not mask them with pain killers.

You may never develop the love you may have for technology or vintage car or any other hobbies you enjoy, but you could develop a deep and beneficial appreciation for how your knowledge of anatomy helps you do what you enjoy.

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